Colby Hoffman

Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and Engineering for Manufacturing – UConn School of Engineering & UConn School of Business

By Shruthi Nagaraj – Research Assistant, UConn SNE IAC

Congratulations to Colby Hoffman on his recent graduation with an undergraduate degree in Management and Engineering for Manufacturing in May 2023 from the UConn’s School of Engineering and UConn’s School of Business.

Colby’s interest in understanding the aspects of various engineering concepts and technologies was the driving factor for him to choose to study Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) during his undergraduate course. He liked learning about how the world works through his engineering courses. For example, applying the concepts that he learned in thermodynamics and materials science classes to figure out how many technologies work in real life.

Colby has been working as an IAC student assessor since his junior year. Since then, he has contributed to several aspects of the center’s activities including initial groundwork for planning the assessment procedures, data collection during the onsite audits, utility bill analysis, post audit data analysis, report making and website development. He chose to work for the IAC because of his inclination towards the renewable energy industry. He used the technical knowledge acquired from some of his courses for the calculations necessary for developing recommendations for clients, post the energy assessments. Some of the business classes that he took allowed him to provide justifications for the recommendations as well.  The most important skills that he acquired working at IAC include being able to analyze and assess how businesses operate correctly and efficiently. Colby says, he has been able to apply skills and knowledge learned at the IAC in some of his higher-level technical classes during the undergrad because of a better understanding of how equipment and different concepts work in the real world. He enjoyed being able to go on assessments to several manufacturing companies as it was for him an incredibly fun and a great experience to have!  He anticipates that his involvement in the IAC will help him set foot in the energy industry and help him in his future job as well as possibly earn a post-graduate degree later.

Colby has also won several awards and recognitions for his work during the undergrad years. Some of them are:

  • Satoshi and Jeanette Oishi Scholarship
  • OPIM Award
  • MEM Top Scholar Award

The team of faculty and students at UConn SNE IAC would like to congratulate Colby upon his successful graduation from UConn with a bachelor’s degree in management and engineering for Manufacturing and wish him the best as he steps foot into the work force to begin his career in the Operations Leadership Program at Pall Corporation at Cortland, NY.